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VM/VMX Series

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Mikuni VM36-4 Series Round Slide Racing Carburetor Prejetted 001.123


Mikuni VM32SS VM34SS Carburetor 802-14173-00 Cap for Choke Piston 29569


Mikuni VM34SS Round Slide Mounting Allen Screw Kit 35pcs w/ Instructions 40137


Yamaha 1976 XT500 TT500 VM34SS Carburetor Rebuild Kit w/ 5J10-3 Needle 04-008


Yamaha 1976-1981 TT500 1976-1979 XT500 VM34SS Carburetor Rebuild Gasket Kit 02-015


Yamaha 1978-1981 XT500 EPA #205001 SR500 VM32SS Roundslide Carburetor Rebuild Kit 05-003


Yamaha 1990-2000 RT100 Mikuni VM24 Round-slide Carburetor 30-074


Yamaha SR500 TT500 & XT500 Black Carburetor Heat Protection Kit 17-023

$10.99 $17.99

Yamaha SR500 TT500 & XT500 Intake Manifold Unrestricted Version Approx. 32/34HP 1-028


Yamaha SR500 TT500 XT500 Mikuni VM30-83 Round Slide Carburetor 02-025


Yamaha XT500 TT500 SR500 Mikuni TM36/TM40 Carburetor O-Ring for Mixture Adjustment Screw 29-A07


Yamaha SR500 TT500 XT500 VM34-168 Mikuni Round Slide Carburetor 02-022


Yamaha SR500 TT500 XT500 Mikuni VM36-4 Round Slide Carburetor 02-021


MIKUNI ROUND SLIDE VM SERIES VM38-9 Carburetor 38mm 13-020


Yamaha XT500 SR500 TT500 Re-Jetting Kit for Mikuni VM36 Carburetors 28-056


Mikuni VM36 Aluminium Intake Funnel 41207


K&N Racing Air Filter for Mikuni VM36 Round Slide Carburetor RU-1760, 07-005


K&N Universal Clamp-On Racing Air Filter RU-1710 for use with Mikuni TM36, TM40, VM36, VM40 Flat or Round Slide Carburetor 07-007


Motion Pro Turbo Throttle Kit Including Cable for TT, XT, SR 05-044


Mikuni Pocket Tuner (Rejetting Aid) for Temperature - Altitude Adjustment Useful for Tuning or Riding in High Altitude 30-016


SUDCO MIKUNI Carburetor Tuning Manual 08-002


Yamaha SR500 TT500 XT500 Push Pull Throttle Cable Assembly for MIkuni Racing Carburetors w/ Throttle Tube A-027


Universal "CR" Style Pro Throttle 061053


Universal Motion Pro Push/Pull Throttle - Black 21-037


Universal Motion Pro Turbo Throttle Kit For Use With 28-38mm Carburetors; 7/8 inch bars 04-026


Universal Throttle Cable; Opener; Length 90cm for Misc. Conversions 22447


Universal 3mm Carburetor Vent Hose; 5' Feet Length M61091