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Together with our engineering- and distribution partner KEDO we are currently developing bolt-on-parts to convert a stock MT 07 / FZ 7 into MT super7.

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Yamaha MT-07 JvB-moto SUPER7 Basic Conversion Kit KITSUPER7MT07


JvB-moto 'Super 7' ABS Headlight, 3 Styles

$376.56 - $524.33

JvB-moto 'Super7' ABS Headlight Cover, unpainted, incl. H4 lamp insert with embossed glass & mounting material JVB0058-1


Yamaha MT-07 FZ-07 "Super7" Single Seat incl. Mounting Material JVB0044

$396.03 $499.99

Yamaha XSR700 JvB-moto Super 7 Side Panel Set JVB0037


Yamaha MT-07 JvB-moto "Super7" GRP Fairing JVB0046


Yamaha FZ-07 MT-07 & XSR700 'Super7' Front Fender (unpainted) incl. Aluminium Brackets JVB0034


JvB-moto Super7 Rear Fender JVB0038


JvB-moto 80mm Front Fork Gaitors Boots "Super 7" Style For Yamaha FZ-07 MT-07 & XSR700, 5-101


Yamaha MT-07 XSR700 Super7 Aluminum Radiator Grill Protector 5-109


Yamaha MT-07 XSR700 & FZ-07 LSL Aluminum Driver's Footpeg Set (2x) Pair 1-020


KEDO Toothed Enduro Style Widened Foot Pegs Set (2x) 30977


Yamaha MT-07 JvB-moto "Super7" Aluminum Luggage Rack Incl. Base Plate; Ready-to-Mount JVB0047


RR Oil Dipstick Thermometer RR23 with Black Clockface 91331S


MT-07 XSR700 XSR900 Oil Dipstick Thermometer with BLACK Clock-Face


Super 7 License plate bracket Europe ONLY 62026


Bracket for Original Brake Fluid Reservoir


JVB Moto 7 XSR700 Mounting Bracket for Daytona "Velona" Speedometer JVB0040


Yamaha MT-07 XSR700 LED Micro Turn Signal Set w/ Smoke Lens 25x11x14.5mm 41685


LED Turn Signals; Black "Blaze"Clear Lens Type 41135


Yamaha SR400 & SR500 Daytona Chrome LED R/H & L/H Turn Signal Set

$106.99 $112.95

Yamaha SR400 & SR500 Daytona Titanium LED R/H & L/H Turn Signal Set

$106.99 $132.99

Yamaha SR400 & SR500 Front or Rear Daytona Black Metal LED R/H & L/H Turn Signal Set

$106.99 $113.99

Yamaha FZ-07 MT-07 XSR700 FZ-09 MT-09 XSR900 JvB-moto LED Front Turn Signal Set 1-024


LED-Micro Indicator/Taillight Unit


Adapter Wiring Loom For Yamaha MT07 MT09 XSR700 XSR900 Aftermarket Tail Lights 1-158


Aftermarket Indicators Adapter Wiring Harness' For Yamaha MT-07 MT-09 XSR700 XSR900 (2pcs) 1-160


12V Electronic Flasher Relay For Yamaha MT-07 MT-09 XSR700 XSR900 1-159


Clutch Cable (OEM)


Throttle Cable Set (OEM)


'Classic' Handlebar Grip, Dark-Grey, Mid-Soft, Length 125mm, Open End, 1 Pair, 40413


Handlebar Grip 'Karate midi', black