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KEDO's Super X-Trapp Instructions:

For assembly we recommend the following:


Disassemble the original end cap with the rear rubber mount.Clean off any remaining material from the seals.

Replace the rear right fender mounting bushing with the enclosed hexagon socket screw m8x25 (or M8x30). Insert the screw with a coarse washer from the inside through the mudguard mounting bushing and the frame tab and screw the enclosed rubber buffer as "nut" from the outside.

Insert the smaller stainless steel clip on the slotted end of the middle tube and mount the middle pipe with this end on the exhaust manifold. Depending on the exhaust manifold used, the assembly is carried out with or without an exhaust gasket. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE CLAMP YET!

Place the coarse stainless steel clamp on the stainless steel end plug and slide the end cap onto the middle pipe. Make sure that the tailpipe and the middle tube are twisted for an appropriate position of the end cap and mount the end cap with the coarse washer, spring washer and nut on the rubber buffer

Check the seat of the entire exhaust system and make sure that it has sufficient clearance everywhere and that the swing can move freely.Now tighten the clamps and the fastening screws and nuts. Make sure that the buoyancy is not unnecessarily loaded so that the exhaust system is decoupled reliably from engine vibrations.

Check the seat again.With the mounted number of discs, the standard carburetor coating must generally not be changed. If the end cap is fitted with more discs, it may be necessary to mount a coarse main nozzle and, if necessary, raise the needle.

In general: more slices lead to coarser, thicker and richer mixture.Stainless steel becomes warmer. Before putting the exhaust system into operation for the first time, it is recommended to clean the end cap and the middle tube of dirt, grease and fingerprints (e.g. with glass cleaner) in order to achieve a uniform golden color.

Always check all screws of the exhaust system for tight fit.