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About Us


The Vintage Spoke

Chad Chebultz never planned on ending up in Abilene Kansas.  A missed turn or mistake reading a map led him to the town he now calls home.
Chebultz was driving through from Texas and thought he was on Highway 77 but had actually ended up on Highway 15.  Chebultz shared, “I came into the middle of Abilene and saw this town and thought, yeah man, this is 1950.  This is ok.  Next thing, I was here and it’s been a good place for me ever since.”

At the time, Chebultz was in the collections business.  But motorcycles had been a part of his life in the past.  He was a successful flat-track racer then it all changed with an accident in Paducah, Kentucky.  Chebultz suffered a head injury and decided that along with seeing two close friends injured that year, that was enough for him.  He quit riding but still considered motorcycles art.

After a life changing event, Chebultz went back to his passion for the art of motorcycles and started a business.  Chebultz explained, "My neighbor had a motorcycle for five hundred dollars. So I thought, “ I wonder if I can buy that bike?” I knew it had to be worth more than that.  So I bought it and I think it sold for $2100 and I had a $500 investment.”
Chebultz reinvested his profits and the business took off from there.

Chebultz saw a need for parts for older motorcycles and found a way to manufacture these through partnerships with other companies like Kedo, Sudco, Mikuni and Dunlop.  Chebultz has been very successful and has built his business to include nine full-time and two part-time employees. 

Chebultz summed it up with, “It’s been a great journey.” 

The Vintage Spoke is one of the largest providers of NOS, Yamaha SR XT, and TT500 parts in the world!

We started our business working out of a small 10’ x 20’ garage. At the time, there weren’t many businesses offering the products and services we required to restore motorcycles. Recognizing a much needed niche, we began having our own vintage motorcycle parts manufactured.

Today, we offer over 75,000 motorcycle parts, and other merchandise, from our 10 acre, 20,000 square foot facility in Abilene, Kansas. Our world renowned reputation for motorcycle restorations, exceptional quality products, and unparalleled customer service continues to makes us a leader in this industry.

Drawing upon our grass roots beginnings, as well as over 60 years of combined experience, our friendly, knowledgeable staff goes above and beyond to provide our customers with the best shopping experience available!