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KEDO's Video on How to Install the Twin Feed Oil Lines


The Vintage Spoke is giving away OVER $500 worth of products!
The Giveaway is a combination of gifts, for Yamaha Four Stroke Enthusiasts,
that includes: 
  1. (1x) Grey TVS T-Shirt; Large
  2. (1x) Black and White "Trucker" Style Hat
  3. (1x) SR500 Key Chain
  4. (1x) "Yamaha" Coffee Mug
  5. (1x) "Yamaha" Velcro Wallet
  6. (1x) XT/TT500 Oil Circuit Poster
  7. (1x) Skid Lid Matte Black Cruiser Helmet (one time offer)
  8. (1x) Tank Bag (one time offer)
  9. (1x) XT500 Lapel Pin
  10. (1x) "Yamaha 500" Patch
The giveaway has an additional "Winterizing Kit" which includes: 
  1. (1x) Cleaning and Care Kit (Cleaner, Drying Towel, Finish Restorer, Corrosion Protectant, Detail & Wax Supplies, Yellow Spong and a Color Catalog; all in a nice carring case/organizer)
  2. (1x) B7ES NGK Spark Plug
  3. (1x) Bottle of Anti-Corrosion Additive
  4. (1x) Bottle of Fuel Max Fuel Cleaner
  5. (1x) Chain Lube Kit (Chain Lube Applicator and Chain Lube)
  6. (1x) JMC 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil SAE 20W50 (Mineral Type)
  7. (1x) Yamaha XT500 TT500 & SR500 Bike Cover
Spend OVER $450.00, between 11/16 and 12/31, and you will be entered to win this AWESOME GIVEAWAY! We will pick the WINNING CUSTOMER and ANNOUNCE them on JANUARY, 4th, 2016!

Rebuild Your 1976-1981 TT500 & XT500 Air Box HERE

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SR500 Enthusiast

Last month we wrote, in our newsletter, about KEDO's Yamaha Yard Builds; The Bronco Stallion and The GibbonSlap. Those projects brought about the manufacturing of new SR400 products from KEDO. We also wanted to mention, all of those parts for the SR400, ALSO fit the SR500!

For all parts corresponding to The GibbonSlap CLICK HERE.

For all parts corresponding to The Bronco Stallion Build CLICK HERE.

Look for next months newsletter on MORE EXCITING NEWS from KEDO.
Including their SR500 Mezzomille and Mallory Parts.

To keep up with KEDO visit their Facebook Page